Although summer can be enjoyable, it can also take its toll physically and mentally. Here we are, almost the end of the year, and a lot of people feel burnt out or exhausted. For that reason, it is important to pay attention to signals that your body may be sending to let you know it needs some rest and rejuvenation. 

Some people can probably identify with the feeling of being overtired. Maybe their routine is still the same, but they feel more tired than normal. The science behind it is that their body is sending a message — telling them fall is the time to catch up on some important relaxation. 

Here are five signs that someone may be mentally exhausted after summer. 

  1. Lack of Motivation 

Sometimes people have to force themselves to do something if they are not ‘feeling’ it. Although everyone has ‘off’ days, if things have to be forced all the time, it could be a sign that someone is exhausted. 

  1. Easily Irritated

 Another sign that a person may be mentally burned out is if minor things set them off. Someone who is well-rested will have more patience, and can generally tolerate more annoyances — major or minor —for longer. If a person is easily angered, it may be a sign they are burned out. 

  1. Crying for No Reason 

If someone ends up in tears over something very small, or for no reason at all, they have possibly reached their breaking point. Crying may be a sign that someone may not have the resilience they normally would. 

  1. Anxiety Attacks 

Sometimes the body can go into ‘fight or flight’ mode over something conscious or unconscious, and the result is an anxiety attack. These attacks can become more frequent if a person is behind on sleep and rest, and they can be an indicator that a person needs to slow down and let the body catch up on relaxation. 

  1. Poor Sleep 

When someone is extremely tired, sometimes sleep does not come as easily as it should. This only makes the problem of being mentally exhausted worse.  

Here’s What You Can Do About Exhaustion

If someone is burned out, it is important to talk to someone and share their feelings. Sometimes, just the act of talking things out can take a weight off the shoulders. Speaking to somebody can be therapeutic — especially if they understand what the other person is going through. 

People who are feeling mentally exhausted at the end of summer should definitely take the time they need to rest and relax, to feel reenergized going into fall.

Do you have any recommendations that can help people recharge and avoid burnout? Add them in the comments.